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The And Scene Theater Podcast

Michael Salerno

The And Scene Theater Podcast
40 min2018 MAY 14
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Welcome to this week’s episode of the And Scene Theater Podcast!
In Act 1, we bring you the latest theater news including stories on some awarded theater awards, the difficulties finding theater administration space, and some theater on screen.
Then in Act 2, we’ve covered different types of physical stages, and different historical eras of theater, but what we really haven’t covered are theatrical writing styles.  Well, this week we rectify that oversight, by bringing you a discussion on Ethnodrama.  And believe me, it is not what you expect!
What do you think?  Have you ever seen or written an ethnodrama?  What have your experiences been?  Do you have an idea for an ethnodrama?  Let us know!
Do you have a theater topic you’d like us to talk about?   Maybe you’d like to chat about it with us.  Please get in touch with your feedback, and maybe we can have you on the show to discuss your theatrical passion!
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We also now have an Instagram account, at, you guessed it, @andscenepod!!  Follow us there!
Thank you for listening!
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