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Claire Laurel

16 min2020 SEP 25
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Ah, young love. As we are getting to know a new person, there are butterflies, jitters or intense excitement, and oftentimes, infatuation with the other person; so much so that we often glaze over red flags, pet peeves, and "baggage" that the other person may have (as they do the same for us too). My dad always called it wearing "rose-tinted glasses," also referred to as the honeymoon phase or relationship enchantment. Eventually, though, that euphoric feeling wears off, and for some, they question if the relationship is really worth it. Did we find love, then lose it? I'm no longer giddy or happy all the time with this person, is that bad? Let's breakdown relationship disenchantment, the dangers of a false idea of love, and how to stay "rational" in those early stages of a relationship as we experience the enchanting excitement of getting to know somebody new, on this episode of ClaireChats! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/clairechats/support