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Claire Laurel

28 min2020 AUG 27
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This episode is also known as, putting Claire on the hot seat! No really, this is a great topic to discuss and what better place than ClaireChats... In this episode, however, I use a lot of personal examples from my own life to drive my point home that really, you are what you consume, as much as you are what you eat! Not only psychologically and emotionally, but it effects your spiritually as well. What kinds of media you consume shapes you as a person, and as Christians, it's imperative that we take a look, a really good look, at the media we are consuming. Is it glorifying God? Is it promoting a relationship or embodying God's plan for our lives? You might think to have the same argument I did years ago when my dad confronted me with these exact questions. My argument at the time (and for so many years) was, "It's just entertainment! It's just fiction!" Fiction or not, what you allow your eyes to see, your ears to hear, your mind to think about... it affects you. Check this episode out and more at clairechats.com! As always, if you like it, subscribe! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/clairechats/support