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Culture Chat with Mimi Chan
62 MIN2018 MAY 29
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Today I chat with strength and conditioning expert, Brett Jones. Brett holds degrees in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative sciences in addition to his fitness certifications (CSCS, NSCA). He also teaches Functional Movement Systems (FMS), and kettlebells as the Director of Education for StrongFirst.  I enjoyed my chat with him on the trends in strength training but really enjoyed getting to know more about his journey through the industry and how it led him to be one of the most sought-after resources in fitness education.
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Discussed in this episode:
Applied Strength
Dr. Ed Thomas
Pavel Tsatsouline
De Arte Gymnastica 1569, Girolamo Mercuriale
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Grey Cook
Preston Child
James Rawlins
Anne Frank Museum
Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Marvel Comics
Talking Heads
Fun Fact:
Brett and I love 80s movies and quotes! We share some of our favorites in the episode!
Brett has these ‘Grip Feats’: 
11th person to bend the “