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44 min2020 JUL 1
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Welcome to the third part of Kortney and Tahverlee’s conversation about self-love on the Grrrl Talk Podcast. If you haven’t listened to the previous two episodes, go back and listen to those in order to be right on track with this episode’s discussion! We will be talking through pages 3 and 4 of the Self Love Success Academy materials, starting with the Four Agreements drawn from the book by Don Miguel Ruiz. The Four Agreements are: (1) be impeccable with your word, (2) don’t take anything personally, (3) don’t make assumptions, and (4) always do your best. Living this way will ensure that you won’t experience needless pain and suffering.

The rest of the episode goes over the difference between a confident woman vs. a confident girl. A confident woman empowers other women, is assertive, speaks with charisma, processes her thoughts and emotions through journaling, lives in the moment, helps others, forgives herself, eats clean, and treats her body as a temple. A confident girl does basically the opposite, living without an awareness of how her actions can affect herself or others which can lead only to pain. Being a confident woman also means that you live with the awareness of how short life is, which helps you to stay focused on the present moment and refrain from judging others. For this week’s soul-work, take a look back at the list of traits of a confident woman and pinpoint which area you can work on in your daily life.

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Self Love Success Academy: https://www.grrrl.com/self-love-academy/

“The Four Agreements” book: https://www.amazon.com/Four-Agreements-Practical-Personal-Freedom/dp/1878424319

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