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Melanie Ferreira

40 min2020 MAY 2
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Chatting to Gerhard and Hettie Greeve from Lekker Landing.  Their initial journey started at the age of 46 with two children aged 6 and 9, moving to America and then hopping over to Canada, living in Vancouver, Regina and finally settling in Ontario. 

Listen to their story as they share their personal experiences, what worked and how they have made Canada their new home.  We delve deeper into topics such as:

- Was it difficult to move at your age?

- What questions weighed the heaviest in your opinion when you looked at immigration?

- Financially speaking, do you think it is more difficult moving to another country after the age of 40?

- Your children are scattered throughout America and Canada nowadays. How do you keep the relationships going?

- Starting up a business in Canada and helping immigrants find their feet when they land by providing airport collection, accommodation and so much more!

- What have you found are the first comments that people tell you when they land here? What are their fears and concerns?

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