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Melanie Ferreira

39 min2020 MAR 14
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Chatting to Werner and Deanne Acres-Lans from Canada Abroad.  We chat regarding their journey to Canada, how Deanne landed up marrying a South African and finding their way back into Canada.  They share on why they have chosen to settle in Ottowa,  adapting to the weather and preparing for marathons in colder weather.

They share their story and personal insights into the immigration industry and we find out more about the landscape of immigration going into 2020.  Deanne tells us more about her personal experience as a Canadian Border Services Agent and that you should not believe everything you see on tv! We tackled specifics around immigration:

- What the landscape for immigrating to Canada looks like going forward in 2020;

- The misconceptions around immigration agents;

- Do I really need an immigration agent; does it need to be for the full services package; what can an immigration help with

- What question gets asked the most often to Canada Abroad; 

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