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Melanie Ferreira

58 min2020 SEP 23
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We chat to Deanne who had experiences of pregnancies and birth in both Canada and South Africa. We compare, give tips and share stories of what has worked well. We answer questions such as: Pregnancy questions: Registering for a gynecologist, what is that process like? If I’m pregnant when I land, is that process any different? Do I need a referral or bring scans from my doctors in South Africa? Do I need a recommendation from my house doctor? Do I see only one doctor/gynecologist throughout the pregnancy? Tell us about the scans, do they do at the same time as they would in SA? Do they do 3d scans? Does OHIP cover the scans? What will OHIP cover? Are there anything that they will exceptions that they will not cover? Practical things like clothing - being pregnant in the winter/buying clothes for pregnancy, being outdoors in winter, being active in winter Is a doula a thing in Canada? Waterbirth - is it an option or not? What options would I have available? How big is Canada on the natural vs elective c-section? The actual birth: Can I give the Dr's a birth plan? Once you go into labour, how different is the process in Canada vs SA (considering transportation to the hospital, can I ask for an epidural (how easy is it to get drugs). The process to register your child when it is born? How long do you stay in the hospital after birth? Csection? Can you get a private ward? Gift bag/care bags, do you something similar in Canada? Breastfeeding support Once you’ve given birth and go home, check-ups and injections. How does that work, where do you go – to the hospital, or to a pediatrician? After birth: Car seat – Can I bring my car seat over?Approval regulations in Canada. Second-hand car seats. Citizenship in terms of birth – when they are born and you are on WP or PR, do they get the same status or will they have citizenship? How does that work? Practical tips on having babies in Canada Moms and babies groups – is that a thing in CA? Child care - do I pay for child care? Pregnancy benefits/how long after I gave birth do I have to go back to work? Can I claim unemployment etc? Words here vs SA – what is different? Follow us online at: https://www.howzit.ca or contact us on info@howzit.ca LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/howzit-canada Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/howzitcanada Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/howzitcanada Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.ca/howzitcanada/