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Is She Mental?

T.S. Halton

Is She Mental?
--2019 JUL 11
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A social experiment with dating apps. Since the rise of social media, it seems like the maturity of men and women has declined. Many, but not all are in desperate need of attention and base their success and existence on how many likes, shares, and comments they get on photos. They do outlandish things attempting to appear witty, yet those things are similar to what an eight-year- old does. After setting the location to various metro cities, the level of immaturity is evident. Find which city has the most men over the age of forty who take photos of themselves wearing adult animal costumes (not the furry fetis or Cosplay). There are men who believe a photo of themselves with an open mouth full of food will attract the woman of their dreams. And others seem to think a man sucking on a pacifier with his hair in pigtails is someone lot's of ladies would like to get to know. A lot of the women are no different and have their own special way of being tricky.