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Living in Bosnia and Herzegovina Podcast

David Bailey

Living in Bosnia and Herzegovina Podcast
18 min2019 JUN 23
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Hello and welcome to this edition of the Podcast. In this episode, I catch up with Jose Angelo Gallegos a YouTuber and Filmmaker from California. Last year I interviewed Jose, who had arrived in Banja Luka, having previously produced and published "Bitter Sweet Bosnia", his first film about BiH on YouTube.   We talked about filmmaking, social media, the region, BIH AND much more. Especially what attracted a Mexican American to come to this part of the world.   I posted the interview here on my podcast. So it was a real treat, to find out that Jose (whose latest project is a film about Albania), was coming back to Banja Luka.   We met again, and spend a fast and furious 20 hour "Creativity Camp" in the village.   Discussing many Tech Tips and Tricks, and for me, the chance to fly a Pro Drone for the first time.   Some Rakija was consumed   We took time to sit down and share the story with you.  

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