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ReBranding Motherhood

De'dria Louise Bynum, MPA

ReBranding Motherhood
27 min2019 OCT 31
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Did somebody say, Homecoming Season? Why, yes it is! BEHOLD...The Green and Gold, periodT. That'll be the Norfolk State University Motto, if you did not know. Now you know! I am super proud of my Alma Mater and the amount of wisdom that I have acquired as a result of attending. Although, I attended both a HBCU and PWI, there was and is still nothing like #MYHBCU! So, there's that. But in all respect, education is lit wherever you are afforded the opportunity to receive it and it has allowed me the opportunity to qualify for a better career and for the betterment of my future, as well as the future of my girls. Being the first college graduate in my family, that generational CURSE IS NOW BROKEN. Talk about it, okay! However, the money is still funny, but God got it Sis. Bills are paid. Insurance is paid. Kids are laid. But, what I am not going to do is...get a second job. So please, let's dead that suggestion in 2020; or Let's talk about it! 

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