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Siena and Toast: The Podcast
60 MIN2008 JUN 7
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Toast is called "a dick," Toast's birthday, our reactions to Sex and the City the movie, gay marriage continues to be an issue in California.

Congratulations to "Nobby," who won the Grammy Nominees 2008 CD and the 50th Grammy Awards Celebration issue of The Recording Academy's publication!

New Contest
The Prize: bottle of MonaVie
Enter By: telling us who your favorite character is in Sex and the City

Links in this Ep
Sex and the City
Equality California - working towards justice for LGBT individuals in California
ProtectMarriage.com - working towards excluding LGBT individuals from being able to marry in California
- and a bonus, in the interest of education:
American Psychological Association's page of "Answers to your questions about sexual orientation and homosexuality"

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