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The Way I C It

Carolina Vee

The Way I C It
27 minMAR 30
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For the episode this week, I have a follower on Instagram to thank for the inspiration. She messaged me telling me how upset she was by something that she really wanted, but didn’t end up working out. So I talked to her about the This or Something Better Exercise and how it provides me a lot of comfort in situations like this, and to remember that when things don’t work out… it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a direct reflection on you or what you are capable of.

This Week’s Take Aways:

  • Committing to the practice of “this or something better”

  • Not having all the answers and co-creating with the universe

  • Appreciating simplicity and the things that come easily

  • Overcoming our own misconceptions about life

  • Not becoming disheartened, but growing and progressing into something better


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