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Warm Thoughts

Trina Harger

Warm Thoughts
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In this episode we will listen to advice given by Dr. Allen Searleman, on preserving your memory in this Information Age we are living in.
In this information age, it sometimes seems that our minds have become as stuffed as a computer, and that we cannot swallow another bit of information. Many people feel stressed, overworked, and are sleep deprived. A topic, therefore, that has captivated people's interest is how to sharpen their memory. Dr. Allen Searleman, a professor of psychology at St. Lawrence University and Canton, New York, stated that memory lapses can be caused by lifestyle factors, overwork, anxiety, lack of sleep, a poor diet, or not enough exercise. An action plan designed to sharpen your memory includes these activities: learn to relax, get enough sleep, practice good nutrition, exercise your body and mind, give yourself time, find places for things, keep a box of mementos. For this will help you remember what is important in your life. 

Warm thought: It takes more than a memory to have good memories. A quote from a forgotten author.

Make a memory. Have a great day!

Warm Thoughts from the Little Home on the Prairie Over a Cup of Tea by Luetta G. Werner

January 23 1997

Published in the Marion Record

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