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Warm Thoughts

Trina Harger

Warm Thoughts
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Do you know how Valentine's Day came to be? Learn more about the saint who lived a life full of love for humanity.
February is a month when many romantic and patriotic thoughts are expressed. Fields may still be bedded down with snow and yet we are aware that spring will soon be here. Springtime inspires thoughts of love and affection. 

Have you ever wondered who was St Valentine, the namesake of our February 14 celebration of Valentine's Day, St. Valentine, a priest and physician, lived in Rome during the third century. At that time, Christianity was a persecuted faith, and Valentine was imprisoned for the faith he professed when he would not recant of his faith. Valentine was put to death on February 14. According to the legend, while Valentine was a priest in Rome, Emperor Claudius the second ordered young men not to marry believing that If they did not have wives, they would be more willing to go to war. Moved by compassion for the young lovers, Valentine performed wedding ceremonies for them in secret as the United them in marriage. 

Centuries later, the earliest English settlers brought Valentine's to the United States. JOHN Winthrop, Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, wrote to his wife, February 14 1629, thou must be my Valentine. Esther, a Holland of Worcester, Massachusetts developed the first Valentine cards in 1847. Since then, billions of Valentine's Day cards have been sold. On Valentine's Day, I hope you will think of the saint who gave his life for his faith, and of the many lives that have been touched by his love of others. 

Warmth thought: Love is the only thing that multiplies when you divide it. A good friend doubles the joy and divides the pain. Happy Valentine's Day. 

Warm Thoughts from the Little Home on the Prairie Over a Cup of Tea by Luetta G. Werner

February 6th 1997

Published in the Marion Record

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