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Warm Thoughts

Trina Harger

Warm Thoughts
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Have you ever wondered what advice your children would give to you if you were a parent? Here's some insight from some high school students from Houston, Texas in 1997.
Recently, I read an article based on research conducted by a high school teacher in Houston, Texas, who has surveyed more than 300 teenagers and two school districts asking for their comments on these two questions. One, what advice would you give to your mom and dad? To? What do you believe it takes to produce respectful and respectable teenagers. The teenagers ranged in age from 14 to 18 years of age, providing responses such as these. 

Don't let your small children watch TV a lot. Teach your children about God. Try to raise them according to the principles of the Bible. Be consistent and what you say. Follow through with your decision. Cook for your family. When you let your children go out, give them a curfew. Let them know you love them and want them to be safe. Guide your children toward good marriages by giving them a good example. Sit with your children and just talk. Ask them questions like, “How was school? Did you make any new friends?” Take your children to church. Try not to scold your children in front of their friends. Be there for teens even when they try to push you away. The harder they resist, the more they need you. If your child tells you that something wrong is going on, believe them. Don't ignore your child. Let your child grow up. No matter what your children go through, stay by their side. Teach your children right from wrong, and that each action brings either a bad consequence or a reward. Don't jump to conclusions. Say, I'm sorry.

Love the children. And listen. What nuggets of truth can be learned from them. Happy Valentine's Day!

Warm Thoughts from the Little Home on the Prairie Over a Cup of Tea by Luetta G. Werner

February 13th 1997

Published in the Marion Record

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