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Warm Thoughts

Trina Harger

Warm Thoughts
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We hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day! Know that you are loved.
Valentine greetings! When you read this column it will be the week of Valentine's Day. From Ohio this past week, came a letter with several poems and one was on love, which really touched my heart. Ruth George is something and still very young at heart. It will bring her much joy to be able to share these warm thoughts on love with you, dear readers of this column.

Love is God's Precious Gift.

God has given us many gifts along life's way. 

The most precious is the love in our hearts, it will stay.

Love makes the sun shine through a dark cloud. 

It makes a father look at his baby son and feel so proud. 

Love soothes the aches and hurts we are asked to bear. 

Love teaches kindness to those for whom we care. 

It eases the troubled heart and makes us strong to help a loved one that is done around. When we have love, the world is so bright. 

It spreads happiness to everyone inside. 

It bridges the lonely hours when we are apart from those we love with all our heart. 

So meet each day with a great big smile. 

Help your neighbors if only for a while. 

Their cares and worries you will help to lift by showing that love is God's precious gift. 

Thank you Ruth for sharing your poem thoughts from the heart. Warm thoughts to ponder: Most people are nicer after they have had their heart broken a couple of times. Emma Thompson. And the central place of every heart there is a recording chamber, so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer and courage, you are young. Samuel Omen, 1842-1924. 

Have a Happy Valentine's Day! 

Warm Thoughts from the Little Home on the Prairie Over a Cup of Tea by Luetta G. Werner February 15th, 1996

Published in the Marion Record

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