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Winging It

Shelly May Roby

Winging It
10 min2015 DEC 31
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My son has been my greatest teacher. Being his mother has pushed me into myself – all my issues, my unrealized dreams, and upon his arrival, reminded me of all that I was before he came into my life, as if I was looking at myself outside myself.

The more I grow in motherhood, the more I learn about life.

I know these learnings would have made their way to me via a different route had I not decided to become a mother, but I am extremely grateful it was my son who dropped them on my doorstep.

He said, "Mom, deal with this. Now."

In this next bonus episode, We are all Winging It, I come to a big realization at the close of 2015.

I also have exciting news about the future of Winging It.

Thanks again for listening and Happy New Year to you all!