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My wife Dawn and I join forces and chat with Paul Ludwig of Iron Dog K9 about the near fatal call one night where his K9 partner failed on a suspect apprehension and his entire world turned upside down in seconds. Paul's experience inspired a dynamic approach for training K9 handlers and their dogs that best suits the dog and the specifics of their unique experiences and needs. We also chat about issues we observe currently in the K9 industry that are leaving departments and their teams in very vulnerable positions regarding the reliable sourcing and performance of these teams responsible for the safety of their communities. 

Paul can be reached at http://www.irondogk9.com or if you would like Iron Dog K9's highly qualified teams of instructors and decoys to come and do a seminar for your agency call or text Paul at 814-476-6364.

Iron Dog K9 Documentary can be found here -> https://www.amazon.com/K9-Guardians-Paul-Ludwig/dp/B085W5BW9V/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=K9+guardians+documentary&qid=1612716695&sr=8-1

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