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Law of Attraction Talk Radio

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Talk Radio
52 min2020 OCT 4
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This is a great but unusual topic for us to use our imagination. There is something called Nesara - Gesara. After ten years of following this wonderful dream of living in a world free of poverty, it appears that this bill signed into effect during Bill Clinton's regime is now coming to the top in which to be fulfilled by President Trump. This is not a political story, this is about money no longer being an issue in our lives as well as many other things, all due to the corruption that took place prior to President Clinton. If this is brought about, we can finally stop focusing and making money to survive and looking towards making the human existence happy and fulfilled because everyone will have money. So Jewels talks about Nesara and then initiates a meditation/hypnosis in which to allow the mind to feel how powerful you are when you no longer have to worry about making an income. This is what you would call "New Thought." Let's see what happens within the next few months! Https://loaradionetwork.com/jewels