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Chris Christensen

Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast
33 MIN2011 JAN 29
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The Amateur Traveler talks to Eric Schwartzman (author, educator and podcaster) about his hometown of Los Angeles. Over a two part series of episodes Eric will give us sample itineraries for 4 days in the Los Angeles area. Be forewarned that no theme parks will be involved in Eric's tour but instead an insider's look at LA. So pack up your swim suit, a sport coat and nice shoes and get in your car to explore LA. Along the way Eric points out the cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and movie locations that he thinks you should know about.

Day 1: Eric starts us at the beach at Santa Monica. We visit the Santa Monica Pier, the rides and the aquarium and then head to Venice with its pier, canals, and famous muscle beach.

Day 2: We follow Eric to Beverly Hills and Westwood. We look over the valley from the Getty Center above the valley. We visit Century City which is now the home for high rises but one was where John Wayne shot westerns. We go shopping on world famous Rodeo Drive.