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Alan Bernholtz on Colorado.FM – The Colorado Podcast
So this is a really awesome episode, if i do say so myself!
I had the opportunity to sit down with Alan Bernholtz, former mayor of Crested Butte, fire jumping aficionado, and currently Senior Guide and Global Activities Director at Irwin Guides and Eleven Experience, also dubbed with the envious title of Minister of Fun.
This is one of those times where I wish I had hit record as soon as I sat down in the basement and live music venue of Public House, a relatively new establishment right on Elk Ave in CB.  We talked as much before I hit record as after.
First off, there are some f bombs, so be warned…
Next, despite being exposed as the resort riding Boulderite that I am, meeting Alan was one of the real highlights of doing this podcast to this point.  Hopefully I’ll have a chance to take a ride in Tucker the snow cat up to Irwin with him at some point.
We get into Alan’s history from arriving in Crested Butte and living in his van to being the mayor of town and owner of the largest guide service in the area.  We then get into Irwin Guides and Eleven Experience, the services they offer and what makes them unique.
Online, you can find Irwin Guides at irwinguides.com and on instagram @irwinguides and Eleven Experience at elevenexperience.com and on instagram @elevenexperience.
Be warned, don’t follow them unless you want to see lots of enviable powder shots.
And, of course, we’ll be sure to put any relevant links to find these guys or anyone else we talk about in the show notes.
Alright, so here we go, my conversation with Alan Bernholtz of Irwin Guides and Eleven Experience.

Show Notes
[02:30] Public House, a great new establishment in Crested Butte
[04:00] Being mayor and jumping fire
[11:45] Why Crested Butte?
[14:00] Growth of a guide
[17:20] Lee Ervin – “The most authentic person I’ve ever met”
[21:30] Heading to France
[26:00] Running a global guide service out of Crested Butte
[30:00] More parades!!!
[35:00] What sets Eleven Experience apart

Relevant Links
Irwin Guides
Eleven Experience
Public House
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Flaushink Festival
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Remembering Lee Ervin – The Crested Butte News
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Alan thanks fan for taking some time to come out and meet with me. Where are we now we’re in the public house.
Yep we’re in the Public House the music venue in the basement downtown Crested Butte.