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22 MIN2013 OCT 28
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Looking for a good deal on tickets?  You just may need a Disneyland Annual Passport!

The Disneyland Annual Passport is probably not something you hear about too often (unless you are hanging out with some true Disneyland fans), but these little beauties can offer a whole new world of park enjoyment.  10% off purchases, early park admission, even invitations to special events!  Getting an Annual Pass can be a bit of an investment, so in this episode of EarzUp!, we breakdown the pros and cons of these fancy tickets, and help you decide if picking one up is right for you.  Disneyland Annual Passports aren't for everyone, so hopefully we can help you figure that one out!

Plus, we have a really cool park fact in this episode, one that clarifies a well-worn myth surrounding a certain water ride in Disneyland and the body count inside ... creepy!

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