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iCom IQ Podcast

Dr. Keith Dilbeck

iCom IQ Podcast
12 min2016 JUL 21
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Use the work of Dr. Ting-Toomey that focus on face work and face negotiation theory to start managing intercultural conflicts when they strike. No doubt conflict is inevitable, but it doesn't have to be impossible. Face negotiation theory helps to put out the fire when emotions run wild

The episode discusses 5 key conflict styles that tend to vary across cultures. For over 30 years, research has been testing the effects of how people balance attention to self, others, and even the overall relationship in face threatening situations. People from some cultures value dominating a conflict, others value obliging styles of conflict, while some people will value integrating styles of conflict.

Use the information to apply to your own situations, the next time you find yourself in a situation when cultural values do not line up. Learn the indicators of how people express their values during conflict, so that you can negotiate your way across a variety of cultural settings in the face of conflict.