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If A Tree Falls

Stoneseed Media

If A Tree Falls
--2016 SEP 10
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The rules are simple. We travel from A to B and through crisp, high quality narrative sound, we take you with us. Into wilderness. No visual prompts. Each episode, a different secluded area. There is always a journey. There is always a destination. For those who wish to: visit a place you have never been study relax replace the urban commute soundscape meditate. IF A TREE FALLS is podcast created by wilderness hungry sound addicts that were looking for a way to slow things down. After working the daily grind we wanted to find a another way escape, a more intimate way to experience nature through audio. So that weekend we adventured and recorded it. And we continue to do so for anyone else looking for the same. To get away. SEASON ONE - Australasia We are looking for sound adventurers willing to volunteer to the cause, donate narrative nature soundscapes from other places to begin editing our next season on a new continent.