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RV Podcast

Mike Wendland

RV Podcast
42 minJAN 6
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In the wake of the Nashville RV bombing of Christmas Day, a jittery public has been reporting parked RVs spotted on city streets, sending police to check them out.

We’ll talk about that and why now may not be a good time for RVers to leave their units unattended on city streets in this episode of the RV Podcast.

Plus, we’ll hear from RVers on their RV Travel Bucket List plans for 2021, answer your RV Lifestyle Questions and check in with our friends Patti & Tom Burkett for another interesting Off the Beaten Path report.

You can listen to the podcast in the player below. scroll down this page for shownotes, plus links and resources about all the things we talk about.

Shownotes for Episode 326 of the RV Podcast


Happy New Year… this is our first Podcast of 2021.

We share info on our whereabouts and planned travel schedule.

We talked about the topics we will be covering in the podcast and current travel issues related to COVID.

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A Parked RV like this on a city street could bring a Police Response because of a public still jittery over the Nashville Christmas Day bombing

Parked RVs Bring Police Response

Police clear downtown Lexington area after explosives-trained dog triggered by parked RV

As Mike noted, that Christmas Day incident in which a bomb detonated in downtown Nashville is causing lots of jotters by the pub;ic when people see a parked RV. As an example, a several-block area in downtown Lexington, KY, was evacuated on New Year's Eve because of a concern that a Class C RV parked there may have contained explosives.

It turned out, like several such incidents around the country, to have been a false alarm.  In this case, the RV was rented by a family spending the night in an area hotel. For some reason. a bomb-sniffing dog "alerted" police explosives were in the RV...