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Last Update: 2020-10-27
That Conversation
That Conversation
3 w ago
Judge Lynn Toler
Through Judge Lynn Toler's work and her 32-year marriage, she has learned and teaches a practical approach to actively managing romantic relationships. In this, her first podcourse, she tackles the critical topic of communication as a key to healthy relationships. What You'll Learn •How to communicate effectively to make relationships easier •How to understand what’s happening in your partner’s head •How to set up circumstances for a successful conversation •How to talk about difficult topics •How to shift a conversational dynamic from argumentative into communicative Course Outline EP 1: That Conversation It’s a cliché because it’s true: communication is the key to a good relationship. EP 2: What’s Happening in Your Head How to get in front of how you feel so you can have That Conversation in the most effective way? EP 3: What’s Happening in Their Head How to make sure you understand what your significant other is telling you? EP 4: The Nitty Gritty How do you set up the right circumstances for a successful conversation? EP 5: The Art of Listening Hearing is what happens when sound waves hit your ear. Listening is what your brain does with that information. EP 6: Difficult Topics Money, sex, kids, baby mamas, family, friends, and social media. Why are some conversations so hard to have? EP 7:Nuts and Bolts What method and manner of communication works the best for the two of you? EP 8: Redirecting the Trajectory How do you change the dynamic to make sure you aren't having the same argument over and over? EP 9: Building a Foundation of Love How can you build a foundation of love with the small things you do and say? EP 10: So Let’s Review Judge Toler reviews what we learned, answers questions, and ties everything up.

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