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The Ryan & Dave Show

Ryan Gallant

The Ryan & Dave Show
98 minAPR 17
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Ryan and Dave host their second viral episode of the podcast (lots of pun layers to unpack for you there, enjoy), as Covidmania continues sweeping the globe. Piggybacking off Steven Soderbergh’s sobering Hollywood thriller “Contagion”, which chose to examine the realistic effects of a pandemic on society, Ryan and Dave tee up a viral thriller with an entirely different style – a very ‘90’s movie with ample amounts of bombastic personalities and cheesy action to sate a cynical cinephile’s (cyniphile?) soul. Joining your duo this time around is special guest Iggy from the Commonwealth of Virginia, returning at last after a lengthy absence from the show! Next week, Ryan’s next pick veers away from the depressing echoes of quarantined real life to a prescient film of an entirely different nature – “Her”!