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The Ryan & Dave Show

Ryan Gallant

The Ryan & Dave Show
80 minMAY 5
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Ryan and Dave make friend of the show and Island comedian/improv performer Madge Mossberg an offer she can’t refuse: to come on and share her love of the Godfather Trilogy! Madge is a real life Goonie from Astoria, Oregon, and brings with her a bevy of experience and quirky insight into Francis Ford Coppola’s unmatched American Mafia epic. Ryan points out the importance of diversity in the creative end of filmmaking with Coppola’s authentic Italian-American background in the making of this movie, while Dave rightly points out that diversity still had a long way to go on the acting front when Brando himself was about as Italian as bratwurst. Your hosts and guest break down every iconic moment and scene as you would expect, and tee up next week’s pick that keeps the Corleone saga rolling – “The Godfather: Part II”!