Found In Translation With Ray Collazo

Rafael Collazo: Latino Media Personality, Life & Political Strategist, Lead

Found In Translation With Ray Collazo
39 MIN2016 ENE. 12
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Rays Podcast Episode 199: Your Virtual Big Brother Ray Collazo is joined by Ariane Datil to help us learn how to become our #1 promoter through power of video, social media and networking.

Ariane Datil is a Media Personality and fashion blogger who is the lifestyle and pop culture correspondent for MyNEWPhilly.com and DreamNationTV.com. Ariane shares how she melded her passions to leverage opportunities in television and online video platforms.

Ariane and Ray were also joined by rising comedian Sabrina Sithe. Sabrina is a Periscope personality and asked for advice on how to grow her brand. Listen to an amazing on the spot coaching session between Ariane and Sabrina!

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