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KVoice - A Voice of Resistance

Kelly The Voice

KVoice - A Voice of Resistance
28 min2019 AUG 3
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Regulations are Protections. Deregulation is all the rage these days. Regulations are blamed for everything from economic inequality to the financial crisis. On this episode, we explore what it would be like if we accomplished the libertarian acid rain filled wet dream of a deregulated White Man’s paradise. We look at the hard-fought battle for labor laws and the events that finally led to the few workers rights we enjoy today, including the tragic story of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. We discuss many of the regulations the Trump Administration has slaughtered, and with that in mind revisit the stakes of the 2020 Election (with a few choice words for CNN). Finally, a quick look at the Death penalty and why it sucks rocks. #resist