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59 MIN2016 JAN 26
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Join your host, Susan Knowles, as I welcome Cheryl K. Chumley to the show. Cheryl is a professional journalist with more than 15 years of experience covering a wide range of topics, from politics, policy and presidential elections to small-town courts, cops and country government. Cheryl is also a full-time news writer with WND and an Army Veteran.

I will be talking to Cheryl about her new book that will be released in March 2016 but our focus will be on current issues in news and politics that concern us all. You can pre-order Cheryl's book, "The Devil in D.C.," now on Amazon.

In The Devil in DC veteran journalist Cheryl K. Chumley warns of the progressive-socialist and atheist direction America has taken. In a step-by-step guide on what to do about it, Chumley not only explains the issues at hand but offers solutions to the issues: a crippling welfare and entitlement system that reduces the potential of the citizenry; an education system designed to appeal to the lowest performers rather than help all students rise to a higher standard; a broken immigration system that rewards and encourages illegal immigrants, limits the power of the border states, and makes devalues and endangers US citizens; a Federal Reserve that irresponsibly runs up debt by printing money to artificially prop up our economy (and in turn encourages record-level personal debt); and worst of all career partisan politicians who are more concerned with getting reelected and lining their own pockets than in doing what is right for their constituents.

Chumley is a Robert Novak Journalism Fellow, for which she spent a year (2008-2009) researching the impact of National Heritage Areas on private property rights, with findings published in the Washington Examiner, Capital Research Center and several other outlets.