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Tech Swamp

ACT | The App Association

Tech Swamp
38 minAUG 27
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This month we’re talking all things AppCon. Yes, you read that right! There are a lot of things that are different about 2020, and AppCon is one of them. We’re still educating policymakers on important issues like TVWS, privacy, platforms, and more, but the way we’re doing it is 100% virtual. We’re joined by OG FOTP (original friend of the pod) and senior director for public policy, Graham Dufault, to talk through our legislative priorities and what you can expect this AppCon. We’ll also hear from some of our members who participated in the Congressional App Challenge’s Back to School Webinar Series: Download with Developers. And, of course, we’ll be hitting tech history, the top tech headlines in DC, and our random identifiers.