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The McLaughlin Group

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The McLaughlin Group
39 minJUN 13
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The McLaughlin Group -- June 12th, 2020
guest panelist this week is Kerry Picket, Senior Campaign Reporter for the Washington Examiner
Issue one: Police Reform
As protesters in various cities called for defunding the police and radical reform to policing in America, mayors face a difficult choice: how to balance protester demands with actions that keep communities safe.
Issue two: Covid part II
Reflecting those who say that recent protests have ended the moral defense of Coronavirus-related lock downs, President Trump plans to resume campaign rallies in the coming weeks. And it seems the Republican National Convention will be moved from North Carolina to Florida, following a disagreement over Coronavirus precautions. Still, the challenge remains.
Issue three: China
The Republican Study Committee this week called for wide ranging sanctions on Chinese influence operations in America. But that's not the only concern: as tensions between Washington and Beijing grow, some are saying that an overt cold war is well underway.
Issue four: DOJ versus Russia-gate
Attorney General William Barr said this week his department is looking into why, without supporting evidence, the FBI so aggressively sustained its 2016 investigation into the Trump campaign.
Plus: predictions!