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Hi y'all, this is our first "Transcripts Presents" episode, where we bring you the latest and greatest in trans audio. First up, a sample of Diamond Stylz's show "Marsha's Plate." Diamond was one of the guests on episode one-- she's the one who became an activist after making it big on YouTube and now runs Black Transwomen Inc. She also runs her incredible podcast along Mia Mix and Zee, fellow Houston-based digital strategists, black feminists, civil right advocates, and black trans people. 

This episode, Black Podcast Joy, really showcases what I love about this show-- it's honest, straightforward, and you can hear trans people disagree with each other in nuanced and loving ways. 


Original show notes: On Today’s Menu: on Marsha’s Plate we talk about how extending your self as a trans resource can put you in harms way, we talk about our favorite Black podcasts in the industry, then we talk about Black trans folks you should be watching.


If you loved this show, please go subscribe and drop some money in the Marsha's Plate patreon at Patreon.com/MarshasPlate. This is Transcripts, bringing you both original programming and a round-up of the best and brightest in trans audio. We're a program of the University of Minnesota Libraries. To learn more about us, go to bit.ly/transcriptspod. See you in two weeks for more trans activist brilliance.