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21 MIN2017 JUN. 30
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Thursday's edition of Trending Today USA was hosted by Liftable Media's Ernie Brown.

In this half hour, the guests and topics discussed were:

1. Brett Velicovich (author, "Drone Warrior") -- In the U.S. Army, unknown to the public, there is only a small, elite group of soldiers who hunt and kill terrorists with drones.

2. Jason Wert (USA Radio) -- One pro-immigrant European government is now looking at shutting their ports.

3. Ron Hosko (former assistant director of the FBI) -- Events just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in March 2016, show just how perilous policing in America has become in our post-Ferguson world.

4. Roundtable discussion -- Matt Schlapp, the president of the American Conservative Union, said Wednesday that journalists need to acknowledge that many conservatives believe that the news media “has been at war with their values for decades.”

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