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Wrestling With History

Joseph Feeney

Wrestling With History
116 min2017 AUG 11
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Wrestling With History returns as "The Quintessential Studmuffin" Joel Gertner and I discuss the big ECW Reunion weekend of 2005, and go over both the Hardcore Homecoming show at the ECW Arena, and One Night Stand 2005 at The Hammerstein Ballroom.First we discuss the beginning of the reunion talk and Hardcore Homecoming, including:- if Joel knew ECW was over before or after Paul Heyman appeared on WWF television- what happened when he asked Paul if he should consider talking to WCW- what he thought of The Rise and Fall Of ECW DVD and whether or not he was ever contacted to appear- returning to the ECW Arena for Hardcore Homecoming, and his opening segment with Joey Styles and his old nemesis Cyrus Don Callis- the rumors of the backstage dissension between Cyrus and himself, and whether or not it was accurate- seeing his old ECW comrades such as Mikey Whipwreck, CW Anderson, The Blue Meanie, Tracy Smothers and more in the opening matches- his favorite of the old ECW dance offs- the Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible rivalry- the ungodly pop Sandman got that night, and where his famous entrance got over the best-Sandman vs. Raven-Terry Funk vs. Shane Douglas vs. Sabu in a Barbed Wire match, what he thought of the match, and how he feels about seeing those types of matchesFrom there we move onto One Night Stand where we discuss:- meeting Vince McMahon, and how surreal it was to work an ECW show under the WWE banner- Super Crazy's balcony moonsault vs. New Jack's balcony dives- working with Kurt Angle and JBL- working with Eric Bischoff- the rabid ECW crowd's chants, including against Edge- Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome, and whether looking back on matches like that makes him cringe-the main event between the Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman-Steve Austin's appearance, and the final brawl of the show-And what if felt like to have to end what he called "the biggest weekend in his wrestling career."You can meet Joel Gertner and I at the 2300 Arena this Saturday from 9 AM - 3 PM for the Icons Of Wrestling/Collectorfest convention! Joel will have a limited edition t shirt for sale, as well as pictures and autographs, and I will be bringing along Creative Control shirts, copies of the book "Working Stiff," as well as action figures and DVDs.Please check out the Creative Control t shirt store at prowrestlingtees.com/ccwithjoefeeney and check me out weekly on Keepin It 100 with Konnan