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Wrestling With History

Joseph Feeney

Wrestling With History
111 min2018 JAN 9
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On Episode 3 of Wrestling With History, it's a Creative Control Throwback, as we talk to the author of "Titan Sinking," "Titan Shattered," and "Titan Screwed," James Dixon of whatculture.comJames and I do our best to fit in all the major questions about the WWF/WWE from 1995-97 (the periods the books cover.) We talk about the major personalities of the time including Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, and many more. We talk about Nash's WWF title reign as Diesel, and the influence the Kliq had on Vince back in those days. We cover Vince's attempt to make celebrity the draw at Wrestlemania XI, with the Lawrence Taylor vs. Bam Bam Bigelow main event. We discuss the disastrous King Of The Ring win and main event run of Mabel, as well as the birth of Nitro and the jump to WCW of Lex Luger. When we cover 1996 we talk about the Iron Man Match between Hart and Michaels, the return of the Ultimate Warrior, the debut of Vader, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall's jump to WCW, Hulk Hogan's heel turn, the emergence of Psycho Sid as a main eventer and World Champion, the debuts of Mankind and Rocky Maivia, and of course the Austin 3:16 promo that set Steve Austin on a ride to the top of the card as well as pop culture significance from the King Of The Ring '96. When we talk 1997, we cover HBK and his lost smile, Austin vs. Hart at Mania 13, Bret turning heel and the New Hart Foundation, Ken Shamrock joining the WWF and their acknowledgement of UFC, the workingrelationship with ECW, and the appearances of guys like Rob Van Dam, Sabu and Tommy Dreamer on Raw, Vince Russo and his early days working in creative, Summerslam '97, Vince reneging on Bret Hart's contract and of course, The Montreal Screwjob.Mixed in with the look back at the 90s are some comments on the WWE today, and how history always seems to repeat itself in McMahon Land!James Dixon is the author of Titan Sinking, Titan Shattered, and TitanScrewed. All are available on Amazon!Thanks for listening, and to continue to support Creative Control and Wrestling With History, please subscribe, rate and review on iTunes or Stitcher, and check outthe Creative Control t shirt store, at prowrestlingtees.com/ccwithjoefeeneyShow sponsors:Linebacker Mattress: bit.ly/LBMattress80's Tees: bit.ly/80sTsCEL Nutrition: bit.ly/CELNutritionKitNip Bix: KitNip.com/creativecontrol