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Samuel the Utahnite

228 min2018 JUL 30
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I talked about the Mormon/LDS church cruelly & unexpectedly canceling the Days of '47 Youth Parade after 80 years of tradition, starting next year, for no good reasons, that couldn't have been easily fixed. The current Prophet Russell M. Nelson & his legal, cold & emotionless sidekick Dallen Hoaks just don't care anymore about tradition & are scrapping anything that isn't profitable or that takes too much effort or time. Then I discussed a missionary from Utah that recently, tragically died falling off a cliff in Australia while whale watching & taking a selfie. Comments have stated, as usual, "that he was needed more on the other side", which of course makes no sense. I also talked about and updated the story of the Mission President in Austrailia that recently had a serious and tragic bike accident & broke his neck & is now paralyzed from the neck down.(which no one else is talking about=not faith promoting) Then Demon of Kolob called in to chat for a while about various topics, including Pioneer day, Mormon sex abuse, Mormon "Heartsell"(using all emotion), etc & the tragic shooting death in a Mormon church located in Fallon, Nevada, during Sacrament meeting, Sunday, July 22. They still haven't figured out the motive but I'll update everyone when or if they do figure it out.
Music: Liars, Inc by Freakhouse(Used with direct permission from band)