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Samuel the Utahnite

111 min2018 JUL 31
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In this show, I discussed the Days of '47 Pioneer Day parade(painfully boring) & how no one even cared about M. Russell Ballard being the Grand Marshal. Apparently, a Mormon General Authority leading their own parade has worn out it's welcome, as no one waved or hardly even looked at him, that was in camera view on either side of the road. OOPS! Then again, maybe it was just the guy leading it that no one likes or cares about & who can blame them, with all of the horrific & very offensive things he's said & taught over the years.("..put on a little lipstick & quit trying to look like men" & that "Catholics don't know God, Jesus or the holy ghost..only Mormons do" for example.) I then played a clip for everyone from 2016 of Dieter Uchtdorf, when he was the Grand Marshal & the crowd went crazy & the women swooned because after all, he is(or was) the Mormon "silver fox"..LOL! I discussed how quickly he fell from that popularity to a literal nobody in the Quorum of the 12 now as if he doesn't exist. You never hear anything from him except in General Conference. Russell M. Nelson sent him out of the country too. He's over in Europe wondering what happened. Yeah, he's gone, sorry ladies! Maybe Nelson was just jealous of all the attention the "silver fox" got from all the women & his good looks & charm & wanted to reign that in & put an end to his popularity. I also mentioned again how they abruptly, with no notice(the First Presidency & Russell M. Nelson), canceled the Days of '47 youth(they don't want the youth to have any fun!) parade starting next year, after 80 years(one of the longest & largest running youth parades in the country) & wondered how long it would take for them to also cancel the main Days of '47 parade, since they don't want to make any effort these days & no longer care about tradition or the actual members & what they might want. Just keep paying your tithing first(even over feeding your family or paying your bills or if you are "destitute."), go to church, bow your heads & don't ask any questions & certainly "don't EVER criticize the leaders of the church even if the criticism is true", right Dallin Hoaks?The new Mormon regime, especially Russell M. Nelson & Dallin Hoaks, are picking up right where Hinckley left off & gutting the church of anything fun or enjoyable. Their utter arrogance is palpable! Keep it up guys as it's only hastening your own demise & downfall & making our job easy! We really appreciate all the help.
Music: "The Ghosts Are Here" by Siobhan Dakay featuring Ciggiburns.License