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Samuel the Utahnite

179 min2018 AUG 6
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In this episode, I discuss Mormon Sex abuse & the horrific case of McKenna Denson & her claim of being brutally raped by the MTC President Joseph L. Bishop(in his secret lair & rape room in the basement of the MTC or missionary training center in Provo) & the Mormon church's attempt to have the case thrown out(after covering it up for 34 years) while not even punishing Bishop at all.(still in good standing last we heard) He confessed sexual sins in the 1970s to a Mormon General Authority, Robert E. Wells but was still a regular mission president & then MTC president. He has at least admitted to taking her to the room & asking to see her breasts. It's another case of attempting to hammer & re-victimize the victim, in order to save money, which is more important than anything. 
Salt Lake Tribune:
"The lawsuit asserts that while serving as president of the faith’s Buenos Aries North Argentina Mission in 1978, Bishop confessed sins and improprieties to Robert E. Wells, who was then a general authority over the region."
In 1987 or early 1988, McKenna reported her MTC rape by Joseph L. Bishop to her Bishop, who reported it to the Stake President, who took it church headquarters. She was then interviewed by Mormon Seventy & General Authority Carlos Asay, who promised to investigate & get back to her.  Asay apparently did nothing but later became a member(twice) in the Presidency of the Seventy & became President of the Salt Lake City temple, along with other high callings.They love to cover up the sex abuse & want to instill pure terror in anyone that may think of coming forward. They have a bogus 800 numbers that apparently goes straight to Jesus' law team of Kirton & McConkie, to find out how to handle it properly in order to protect the church...notice it's not to local law enforcement. They even paid to create a dossier(which was then leaked to the press) of McKenna Denson's entire life, in an effort to discredit, shame & scare her into silence & David J. Jordan even exposed the name of her daughter that was adopted out in a sealed adoption. How'd he get that information?
Just how nasty & dirty did Jordan & the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints get?(remember that Jordan works & is paid directly by the church): "In a nine-page letter to the woman’s attorney, David J. Jordan notes 'inconsistencies' in her story and details a string of episodes in the accuser’s life, ranging from the church discipline she had previously faced to her criminal record, and from failed relationships to lawsuits, even job firings." The Mormon church has NO SHAME when going after sex assault victims or anything else, as long as they win! They want to destroy & gut the lives of their victims, in order to "protect the good name of the church" & save the millions they'll have to pay out if they lose the lawsuit. There is NEVER any love, help or compassion for these victims, which is what one would expect from the supposed "one & only true church of Christ." David J. Jordan is their go to & right-hand man & attorney in all of these horrific sex abuse cases. He also represented the church when Thomas S. Monson was being sued & was supposed to appear in court in the U.K. a few years back. He is also trying to get the Navajo sex abuse case thrown out(has thankfully failed so far) where many Native Americans claimed they were raped while participating in the "Lamanite Placement Program", where they were sent to be with white, Mormon families.(& Prophet Spencer W. Kimball claimed in General Conference that those kids were all turning "white & delightsome"..how sick!) Jordan claims the rapes happened in another nation so they can't sue the church over it.(note he doesn't claim it didn't happen!) What kind of human being would defend these cases for the church, without any concern if the victims were raped or not? David J. Jordan! The judge deciding whether to throw out this case is Federal  U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball, who is a die-hard Mormon, BYU grad & was a Professor of Law, at J.Reuben Clark School of Law, Brigham Young University. So what do we expect the decision to be, based on this information? Take a guess!!David J. Jordan, along with his wife Holly was most recently a Mormon mission president of the England, London mission from July 2012 to July 2015, before taking on all of these Mormon sex abuse cases, which he apparently cherishes & he loves profiting from them! Keep in mind that both David J. Jordan & Dale Kimball went through the Mormon temple back when they still had the vile death penalties if they violated their temple covenants or revealed: "the secrets." They promised to give the church everything they had or ever would have, to build up the kingdom of God & Jordan is doing just that. The death penalties included slitting your throat, cutting open your chest & disemboweling yourself. Apparently Jordan at least still takes that very seriously & would probably do ANYTHING for the church, no questions asked. We'll see if Dale Kimball does when he renders his decision, which seems obvious. I hope I'm wrong on that one.
David J. Jordan-Mission President London, England
David J. Jordan Wikipedia
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