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Samuel the Utahnite

123 min2018 AUG 1
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In this episode, I discuss whether current & past Mormon leaders claim or have claimed to see Christ. Apostles like Dallin Hoaks(the Boise Rescue) & Boyd K. Packer(General Conference-April 1971) claim "it's too sacred to talk about" while insinuating that they do see him but can't discuss any details because it would violate some strict rule that someone has placed upon them to not talk about it. Who is in charge of them & making these rules? Kirton & McConkie? It's all lawyers & signed documents nowadays anyway, so probably so. After all, they are legally: "The Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"  & "The Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."
They like to make it mysterious & mystical so that members can assume they see Christ & then perpetuate the myth. After all, they do claim to be "special witnesses of Jesus Christ", in every General Conference, right? They also like to leave an "Apostolic blessing" when speaking to congregations all around the world, which means absolutely nothing but just makes them look & sound important & powerful. Dallin Hoaks even says that we are all confused & that in reality, they are just "witnesses of his NAME" & that they are "not to witness of a personal manifestation." WHAT?!! SILLY US! This blew my mind! Mormons, you're being taken for a ride! It's time to WAKE UP!
You might ask why they don't just lie about it like they lie about everything else & claim that they see him all the time in the Holy of Holies? 
Well, they can't claim to literally see or talk to him because then they would need to either have all the answers or explain why they talk to Christ regularly & yet don't have any answers to any of the very basic questions people have(maybe the answers are "too sacred"..LOL!), like their current LGBTQ+ & suicide problem. Oaks even admits that their gay hate doctrine might be "right or wrong", meaning that he's okay either way, doesn't really care & doesn't have a clue & obviously, therefore hasn't talked to Christ. You have to read between the lines but the answers are obvious and crystal clear to any thinking human being.
Furthermore, if "seeing Christ" is too sacred to talk about, then why does every first missionary discussion lead with & include Joseph Smith's founding First Vision, where he claimed to not only see Christ but God the Father too? Wouldn't that be doubly sacred? If it's "too sacred to talk about" for the current wingmen of the Mormon God in modern times, then it should have been & still should be "too sacred" to talk about Joseph Smith & his First Vision of Christ too, right?! Explain that one BIG 15! As Hinckley said, without the history of the "First Vision", they have nothing! So, you have nothing!
It's just very basic reasoning, common sense & logic folks..that's really all that is required to unravel this fraud, the contradictions & all the lies of Mormonism! 
Transcript of the Boise Rescue. Audio of Boise Rescue.
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