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Samuel the Utahnite

85 min2019 MAY 27
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In this episode I discuss the most recent, senseless, tragic death of Andrew Carr, of Fort Worth, Texas, who died this past Saturday in Mexico, from carbon monoxide poisoning. These horrible deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning have been going on at least back to 1975 & probably far beyond that. How many of these deaths happen & we don't even hear about it? How many missionaries get sick, are hospitalized but don't die, that we don't hear about? Here we are in 2019 & it's STILL happening? WHY? Because the Mormon Prophet Russell M. Nelson & the other 14 thugs don't give a damn & don't want to spend the money(less than a million dollars) to buy a cheap carbon monoxide/smoke detectors at Wal-Mart for $17. They could get an ever better price than that, buying 30,000 + of them!I discuss multiple instances of missionaries dying from carbon monoxide in Argentina, Taiwan, Romania & now Mexico, just to mention a few. Meanwhile, Nelson & other 14 thugs & frauds are flying around the world on private jets, staying in 5 star hotels, Presidential suites, eating catered food & driving around in chauffeured driven luxury cars, with bodyguards to protect them & with the best medical care tithing money can buy them! Can anyone else see a problem with this?!! Why don't missionaries have bodyguards & safe food & water to eat & drink, like their "humble" leaders do? Because to the Mormon hierarchy, they are nothings, nobodies & the big 15 don't give a rat's you know what about them.This is criminal & I consider it to be murder & their hands are covered in blood! At least Criminally Negligent Homicide, right? There has to be a chargeable offense here folks! The big 15 should all be arrested, charged, convicted & imprisoned for their neglect, abuse, sickness & deaths of their missionaries. Let's hope we all live to see that day as justice needs to be served to these arrogant cult leaders who don't care about the lives of young men & women, who are naively in their trusted care, with their whole lives ahead of them. Their parents trust that they are safe & in good hands, as did my parents & in reality; they are all subject to death at any moment because of the Mormon Hierarchy neglect, that are too damn cheap to give them the very basics of life, like clean food, water, decent apartments & something as simple & basic as a carbon monoxide/smoke detector! My parents NEVER would've allowed me to go on my mission if they had known this or brought me home immediately if they'd know it during my mission.Please share the links to this episode as far & wide as you can across the globe, so that these nasty, filthy, vile Mormon/LDS conmen, committing criminal activities daily, will finally be exposed & brought to justice!Thanks again everyone for your support!