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MANIFEST THIS with Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood

MANIFEST THIS with Ashley Wood
74 MIN2019 APR 1
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episode 92

Lacy Phillips has been the most requested guest to have on MANIFEST THIS and today she’s here!

Lacy Phillips is a leading Manifestation Advisor and founder of To Be Magnetic (formally Free & Native), which specializes in unblocking beliefs of unworthiness and expanding into alignment with what one is calling in. Her channeled formula, The Formula by Lacy Phillips, is rooted in psychology, neuroscience and her energetic gifts.

It feels so perfectly fitting that Lacy is our guest on April 1st, the day we launch the Return to Yourself program, the day we have two episodes on the podcast (don’t miss the channeled teaching from The Pinnacle also released today) and this conversation is so inspiring, so uplifting and so epic, it’s the absolutely episode perfect to kick off a new month with.

In This Episode We Discuss…

  • how Lacy feels now that the word ‘expander’ has gone viral
  • numbing and lack mentality
  • Lacy’s current expanders and why
  • types of expanders and one of Ashley’s energetic expanders
  • Lacy’s evolvement of self-worth and how she felt after discovering her energetic gifts
  • the three principles of Lacy’s manifestation process
  • owning your shadows so nothing can control you
  • Ashley’s experience with Lacy’s workshop Shadow
  • does over apologizing lower your self-worth?
  • why narcissists are fantastic manifestors 
  • life at the To Be Magnetic Retreat House and how it’s helping Lacy’s healing

Show Notes