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Messages from Island Christian Church in Northport

Island Christian Church, Northport

Messages from Island Christian Church in Northport
55 MIN2018 AUG 26
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Be on guard for False Prophets. They sound great and seem to make sense, however, they compromise and undermine true Christian faith. The fruit they produce is rotten, and their eternal future is bleak. We need to recognize false prophets and be able to expose the pattern of their error. We MUST know the NON-NEGOTIABLE Doctrines of our faith that form the solid and unmovable foundation of our faith. And finally, we need understanding about doctrines that have flexibility in interpretation. Application Questions; 1. Have you been affected by false prophets in the past? 2. What were the NON-NEGOTIABLE doctrines they denied? 3. What were the “Flexible” doctrines they made mandatory? 4. How did the Lord reveal His truth to you? 5. Has the Lord given you security through the solid doctrines of the faith? 6. What else has the Lord given or shown you?