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Swedenborgian Interfaith

Swedenborgian Community Online
13 min2020 NOV 2
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In the ancient Hebrew book of Daniel, we see a continuation of the universal spiritual teachings that this book uplifts – with King Nebuchadnezzar falling from his kingship due to his pride and arrogance. In all of our beauty and personal gifts it’s easy to fall into similar vanities, but our feelings of pride only serve to undermine these empowerments from Divinity – the seed of consciousness called by many names, and they lead to our own fall. But although being cast down may seem like a setback for the king (it does speak to his need for change) we’re shown that even this failure can be viewed from the light of God as a necessary lesson for the healing of Nebuchadnezzar’s soul. May we each look at our own setbacks similarly: accepting the invitation to renounce our pride, regaining our crowns. Read more here: https://swedenborgiancommunity.org/blog/daniel-4Our community's affirming Swedenborgian spirituality, inspired by an interfaith, mystical Christianity, is centered on love and openness. It has deeply influenced the likes of Helen Keller, Carl Jung, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman), William Blake, Henry James, Robert Frost, DT Suzuki, and others. Here's Helen Keller's book about her Swedenborgianism, called My Religion, for free: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21APVucSZBs76qN%5F4&cid=5D5F62CF3431B981&id=5D5F62CF3431B981%21110343&parId=5D5F62CF3431B981%21110312&o=OneUp