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Swedenborgian Community Online

Swedenborgian Interfaith

Swedenborgian Community Online
29 min2020 NOV 23
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God’s message of social justice, hope, and life sometimes gets watered down in our various understandings of the world’s scriptures, which is ironic since even the most esoteric sections of holy text point to the Divine’s mission of uplifting and empowering the entire world in spiritual health. One example, Daniel chapter 7 of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, describes Daniel’s visions of beasts rising up and subjugating the earth in war and strife, but they’re eventually cast into a fiery river in front of the “Most High” who is the “Ancient of Days,” which then leads to “one like a son of humanity” to enter God’s presence and to rule over and empower all nations, releasing them from oppression. This story can be read on many levels, from the personal to Christ’s process of glorification during his earthly life, and as we break down its meaning I think we’ll all hope to not only embody its message ourselves but also as a diverse, interreligious society. Read more here: https://swedenborgian-community-online.squarespace.com/blog/daniel-7Our community's affirming Swedenborgian spirituality, inspired by an interfaith, mystical Christianity, is centered on love and openness. It has deeply influenced the likes of Helen Keller, Carl Jung, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman), William Blake, Henry James, Robert Frost, DT Suzuki, and others. Read Helen Keller's book about her Swedenborgianism, called My Religion, for free: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21APVucSZBs76qN%5F4&cid=5D5F62CF3431B981&id=5D5F62CF3431B981%21110343&parId=5D5F62CF3431B981%21110312&o=OneUp