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Swedenborgian Community Online

Swedenborgian Interfaith

Swedenborgian Community Online
22 min2020 OCT 19
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Throughout time there have been many persecuted due to their loyalty to their cultural heritage and personal convictions, and unfortunately, religion has often been the instrument used to do this. Instead of inviting openness and cultural diversity, like Babylon in today’s story we often set up a graven image in the place of a loving God and then persecute others for being different – resigning them to the fire of our judgment if not the fire of outright persecution when we can get away with it. Strangely enough, we personally often consign our own innocent and spiritual side to just such a fire, and yet even so, even with such hate in our world, I believe today’s scripture (Daniel 3) shines light on the resiliency and fortitude of the spirit of Divinity within and within all other beings in their diversity. Read more here: https://swedenborgiancommunity.org/blog/daniel-3Our community's affirming Swedenborgian spirituality, inspired by an interfaith, mystical Christianity, is centered on love and openness. It has deeply influenced the likes of Helen Keller, Carl Jung, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman), William Blake, Henry James, Robert Frost, DT Suzuki, and others.