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The Kidmin Podcast

The Ambush Group

The Kidmin Podcast
40 MIN2017 MAY 2
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Matt's love for creativity and original character creation grew out of a love and talent for mimicking voices he heard on cartoons. After landing an internship with Kids on the Move (Church on the Move) in Tulsa, OK, he begran training as a premier puppeteer. Now, he serves as Creative Coordinator with Gateway Kids in Dallas, TX. On this episode, we talk about the value and creativity found in the art of puppetry within your children's ministry.[ About The Kidmin Podcast]This is a podcast designed to help children's ministry leaders creatively teach the word of God to kids. Each episode we tackle one theme and interview a children's ministry leader making it happen every single weekend. Join us for season one as we talk all things #kidmin creative, from writing and message prep to music and puppetry. New episodes are posted the first Tuesday of every month. Hosted by Adam Bush. Presented by The Ambush Group.Follow @TheKidminPodcast on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@kidminpodcast) or visit TheKidminResource.com.