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The Kidmin Podcast

The Ambush Group

The Kidmin Podcast
34 MIN2017 JUL 6
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"Service comes with great regularity, so how do I find and craft personal stories to use in my message?" In this episode of The #Kidmin Podcast, Adam and Andrew (@twitter.com/adam_bush & twitter.com/drewberdale) tackle a listener requested topic on uncovering and developing your own personal stories to use within your service. Also, we talk about why the name 'Heir Force' is confusing for a class name. : )[ About The Kidmin Podcast]This is a podcast designed to help children's ministry leaders creatively teach the word of God to kids. Each episode we tackle one theme and interview a children's ministry leader making it happen every single weekend. Join us for season one as we talk all things #kidmin creative, from writing and message prep to music and puppetry. New episodes are posted the first Tuesday of every month. Hosted by Adam Bush. Presented by The Ambush Group.Follow @TheKidminPodcast on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (twitter.com/kidminpodcast) or visit TheKidminResource.com.